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Tony's Top 50 Metal Mascots
3 Racing Driver
Racing Driver - Front Racing Driver - Side
‘Pilote de Course’. This truly outstanding piece depicting a racing driver bust at speed, his scarf blowing in the wind. It was created by Francois Pimienta in 1920 and beautifully cast in Cire Perdue (lost wax) silvered bronze and carries the legendary Valsuani foundry stamping along with the Pimienta signature. It is featured on the front cover of 'Mascottes Passion' Book. Pimienta was born in Paris in 1888 and examples of his highly prized and regarded work are in the Louvre and in the museums of Agen and Grenoble. This mascot above all others represents a dramatic portrayal of a speeding racing driver at speed. Created by a true master sculptor. Beautifully constructed by the most highly regarded of all foundries and so rare, with only two known examples to exist, surely the ultimate racing driver mascot. Photographed and described in Michel Legrand book 'Mascottes Passion' Plate 140. Mounted to original French radiator cap.
Pimienta Signature Valsuani foundry stamping

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