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Tony's Top 50 Metal Mascots
2 Bugatti Royale
Bugatti Royale  

It was fitting that the very finest car ever made should carry a standing Elephant on its beautifully designed radiator. Designed by Rembrandt Bugatti, it took twenty five years for me to locate a signed Valsuani foundry cire perdue silvered bronze c.1929 example. With only six cars made, and possibly ten mascots originally cast, this is the most desirable mascot in the world. MLG679, WW387.

Note. Only six cars of the Type 41 ‘Royale’ were produced in total. Another example of this mascot, but without its foundry stamping, was sold in 1990 at Christies in Monaco for 333,000 French Francs. Another silver plated example sold was sold by Etude Gasser Audhuy in Mulhouse, France on 4 July 2009 for over Euros 220,000 (£210,000 then.)

Valsuani Foundry Stamp

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