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Spirit of the Wind - Victoire
Lalique Victoire Mascot
  • Catalogue number
  • First Introduced
    18th April 1928
  • Still in Production
  • Dimensions
    25.6 cm long
  • Signature :- R.Lalique France moulded in relief around base.
  • Mount used :- Large split collar.
  • Colour Variations :- Clear, amethyst, and grey tinted examples exist.
  • Fakes \ Copies :- Direct contemporary pieces were made by Pearson Majestic Manufacturing Company of the USA. These however appear yellow in tinge and usually have factory relief moulded markings around top lip of base. Czechoslovakian copies also exist in inferior frosted glass but with no signatures. Both of these types are easy to recognise. The Pearson one has a cut-out moulded into the base for provision of mounting to a car, and the hair line is curved inwards where it meets the base. This same hairline feature is evident on the Czechoslovakian copies as well, but there is no ridge on the base. Usually these pieces are found glued to black square marble bases. Recently I have encountered this type cleverly polished to the clear glass, and with a spurious etched R.Lalique signature. In 2000 the first of these Czechoslovakian pieces have been even more carefully modified by acid etching the surface of the glass, and then leaving a pronounced R.Lalique MOULDED signature standing proud on the base. The fakers have also cut away the curved base to leave a cleaner neck line, thus completing the pieces, but of course the bases are much thinner than the original- so far they have turned up in France, UK and Belgium, and buyers need to be especially careful when confronted with these fakes.
    In recent years, a few deep purple glass pieces have appeared on the marketplace. Genuine clear examples have been irradiated recently to achieve this effect. Great caution and expert help should be sought when these are offered for sale to determine their validity. See note under Fakes in the body of the Lalique mascot article for more information.
  • Original Cost Price :- 450 FF

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